Quality Matters hosted by Accenture


11 July 2024, 5–10 p.m.
Entry as of 4.30 p.m.
Accenture, Campus Kronberg 1,
61476 Kronberg im Taunus


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Quality Matters – A Mini-Conference to Discuss All Things Quality in Software Context!

Despite of stunning technology and testing technique advancements, delivering high quality software fast without compromising on value remains a mystery for a lot of us. In an era of endless possibilities unlocked by GenAI, Quality remains an after-thought for a majority of software teams.

The business pressure of speedy delivery of more features and to scale that up compels people to think that good quality is “nice to have”.

We, through Quality Matters mini-conference, want to challenge that notion. We firmly believe quality in software context is about providing value. Our ability to control that value comes from our ability to control software efforts. To control software efforts for higher value, we must do everything with more consciousness for quality. It’s that simple to understand but equally challenging to implement on the ground. But not impossible!

We cordially invite you to join hands with us to explore to those possibilities. If Quality matters to you, Quality Matters is the place to be. CU there!


Start: 5 p.m.
Part 1: 4 Expert Talks

5.00 – 5.10: Welcome (Uli Besel, Lalitkumar Bhamare)

5.10 – 5.30: Cultivating quality through people-centric quality coaching
Viviane Hennecke, QES Thought Leader, Accenture

How can we ensure that all software development stakeholders are aware of the importance of quality consciousness? How can we implement processes that integrate quality with speed to deliver real value to the clients?
The day-to-day business of delivery teams often doesn't leave enough time to care about these things. Pressure to meet sprint goals or deadlines, an increasing amount of technical debt, a lack of quality awareness and a lack of standards often result in process gaps. To address this issue, we usually introduce the role of a quality coach.

A quality coach aims to understand people, processes and way of workings in order to improve them. Learn about this role and watch a quality coach in action!

5.30 – 6.00: Harnessing AI at Every Phase of Test Automation
Sudhir Joshi, VP of Channels & Alliances, LambdaTest 

In the rapidly evolving world of software development, the demand for faster, more reliable, and higher-quality releases is ever-increasing. "Harnessing AI at Every Phase of Test Automation" explores the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) throughout the entire test automation lifecycle. This abstract delves into how AI can be seamlessly integrated into each stage—from test design to execution, defect detection, and reporting—enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and speed.

By automating repetitive tasks, optimizing test processes, and providing predictive insights, AI enables teams to focus on critical areas, reduce manual effort, and accelerate delivery.

Join us to discover how leveraging AI at every phase of test automation can revolutionize your development process and elevate your software quality to new heights.

6.00 – 6.10: Break

6.10 – 6.40: Enterprise Continuous Testing At The Speed of DevOps
Kapil SharmaDirector Advisory Services, Avo Automation

From an Enterprise perspective, the overall Test Strategy needs to accommodate the aspects associated with:

  1. Scale
  2. Complexity
  3. Speed
  4. Innovation / Modernization

These aspects demand understanding & visualizing the overall onboarding, rollout, and adoption of Enterprise Tooling & Shift In Thought Process.
Despite the overall progression that we are witnessing around GenAI & Data Analytics, Enterprises are still required to deal with the 3 primary nightmares of Testing:

  1. Maintenance
  2. Test Data
  3. Environment

By incorporating the right balance between the need for Innovation & Transformation expectations, Continuous Testing At The Speed of DevOps is achievable. 
Join us to discover the core strategies that Enterprises can leverage to optimize the release times with high-quality software product.

6.40 – 7.00: Closing Keynote: Rethinking the role of the QA profile
Christoph Eicke, Engineering Manager with a rich background as a Ruby on Rails full-stack engineer, specializing in backend technologies and Linux based (cloud) infrastructure

In the teams I am managing I always want to get rid of the QA role as a dedicated person that starts working when the developers think they are finished. My idea of the QA role: it’s a hat that every developer needs to wear constantly while writing code. To me this shift in mindset is as much needed as when we realized that Dev and Ops should be one thing a couple of years back. A dedicated QA person in a team becomes an advisor to the developers that discusses what and how to test before implementation starts. The goal: we do this until the quality mindset is so much part of every day development, that a dedicated person is not needed any longer for this.

7 p.m. onwards:
Part 2: Problem on the table sessions & Networking

This will be an interactive set-up with tables set-up for dedicated topics such as Automation and AI, QE transformation and Leadership, Quality Coaching...

Participants of the Quality Matters will be encouraged to present their problems to the audience gathered on the given table. People out there are expected to propose solutions or brainstorm to solve the problem.

What's in Store for You?

  • 4 expert talks delivered by distinguished speakers and practitioners from the industry.
  • Problem on Table sessions – theme based interactive testing labs to share your quality problems. Let the smart brains from the crowd pour in their solutions.
  • Networking with the testing community

How many seats are there? 80. First come, first serve!
Is there an entry fee? As always, attendance is free of charge but not for nothing.

Quality Matters is presented by SIGS DATACOM in cooperation with Accenture.


Ulrich Besel

Kapil Sharma

Lalitkumar Bhamare

Christoph Eicke

Viviane Hennecke

QES Thought Leader

Sudhir Joshi